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What is the main purpose of Air Cadet training?

What is the main purpose of Air Cadet training?

The aims of the Air Cadet Movement are:

  • To develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership;
  • To promote physical fitness; and
  • To stimulate the interest of youth in the Air Force of the Canadian Forces.

What about pilot training?

Air Cadets who can pass the required medical and written exams can qualify for aircraft and glider pilot scholarship courses conducted at flying clubs, schools, and special camps across Canada.

Who sponsors the Air Cadets?

The Air Cadet program is a partnership between the Department of National Defense (DND) and the Air Cadet League of Canada. Air Cadet Squadrons have an Air Cadet League approved "Sponsor" or "Sponsoring Organization".

How are Air Cadets chosen for international visits?

How are Air Cadets chosen for international visits?

Exchange cadets are selected on a merit basis. Cadets eligible for the International Exchange Program must be 17 years old, have an outstanding Air Cadet and school record as well as a good reputation in his or her home community.

How old must I be to join the Air Cadets?

You are eligible to join a squadron if you have reached your 12th but not your 19th birthday...

Are Air Cadets permitted to fly?

All Air Cadets are given the opportunity for familiarization glider flights as part of their regular training. Further opportunities in powered aircraft may be available.

Will I be expected to join the Canadian Armed Forces?

Will I be expected to join the Canadian Armed Forces?

Air Cadets make absolutely no commitments regarding future military training. However, those who do join the service start out with a big advantage over other applicants.

Will Air Cadet training detract from my school work?

Air Cadet Squadrons usually meet only one night a week and the instruction is designed to supplement your school studies... with the goal of making you a better student!

Can I go to camp in the summer?

Summer camps for more than 8,000 Air Cadets each year are held at Canadian Forces Bases located across Canada.

Are there any advanced training courses for Air Cadets?

In addition to a special Senior Leaders Course, summer courses are provided in:

Are there travel opportunities?

Air Cadets travel to camps and courses held in different parts of Canada and each year large groups of Air Cadets visit the United States, Britain and

What are the requirements of membership?

All potential cadets must be of good character, interested in the program and prepared to attend parades regularly. Parent's permission is also required.

Can Air Cadets obtain summer employment?

Can Air Cadets obtain summer employment?

Senior cadets who are properly qualified can obtain employment at summer camps and special courses - a chance to "earn while you learn".

Will I have to pay dues?

Cadets are not required to pay dues, but you will be expected to contribute time and effort towards fundraising activities.

Do Air Cadets receive pay?

Air Cadets receive pay only when attending certain full-time summer courses. All cadets, however, receive valuable educational benefits, trips to camp, free courses and other rewards.

Must I buy my own uniform?

No. Complete uniforms are loaned to cadets by the Canadian Forces. You are expected to keep the uniform looking clean and neat.

Who instructs Air Cadets?

Air Cadets are instructed by officers of the Cadet Instructor Cadre, ex-servicemen, school teachers, former Air Cadets, Senior Air Cadets, and other persons willing to devote time to this activity. All volunteers are screened in accordance with Air Cadet League of Canada regulations and procedures.

What are my chances of promotion?

Promotion in the Air Cadets is based on merit. Promising young cadets are given command positions and encouraged to develop qualities of leadership.

What do the Air Cadets learn?

Air Cadets study flying, navigation, meterology, jet and rocket propulsion, photography, leadership, citizenship, survival skills and many other subjects designed to assist them in preparing for future careers. Air Cadets is especially valuable for those who have an interest in Canada's aviation sector, but is beneficial in creating leaders for all sectors of Canadian society.

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