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Attending 999 Events

Guidelines for Dropoff;  Kit Lists


When you are dropping off your Cadet for an event, whether it is a regular training night or special event, please do not leave until you have determined that supervisory staff are present.  There are times when staff are unavoidably delayed or maybe dealing with Squadron business and cannot be available at the published drop-off time.  Please wait until staff are available to supervise your Cadet.

A Few Words about Kit Lists:

Many events such as Bush-Ex and Gliding have a published Kit List.  This details the equipment, clothing and supplies that  Cadets must and must not bring to the event.  These lists are developed based on knowledge of the event and conditions and represents the minimum kit each Cadet will need.  The Squadron cannot make up for missing items in a Cadet's kit.  999 Squadron reserves the right to check each Cadet's kit for completeness and to decline to include in the activity a Cadet whose Kit is incomplete.

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